The Ultimate Bar Wars recap!

September 10th, 2014

The Ultimate Bar Wars Battle!

Haven South Beach, in conjunction with Remy Martin V, hosted a Bar Wars competition last night dedicated to finding which local bartender team could make the best cocktails!

haven south beach event 3









We watched anxiously last night as the two teams competed against each other for the Ultimate Bar Wars victory.  Our own bartenders, Bryan Canales and Teddy Collins, were amongst the two groups competing.  Along with them, was Adam Delguidice from Rec Room & Will Rivas from Macchialina!  By 8:15pm the venue, Haven South Beach, was crowded with people ready to cheer on their bartenders of choice!

The battle included 4 rounds that were each 6 minutes long.

The 1st round was for Bryan and Will.  They created a cocktail for three judges using a secret ingredient: Melon!

bryan making cocktails






In the 2nd round, Teddy and Adam had to create a cocktail for three judges using another secret ingredient: Jam!

teddy 2





The 3rd round: Teddy/Bryan & Adam/Will had to switch off in 1 and a half minute intervals to create one cocktail together.  They couldn’t speak to each other and each team had to take note in their head of what their teammate was putting in the cocktail so when it was their turn they could finish it!

bryan and teddy 2







In the last round: Each bartender made their own drink by themselves even against their own teammate!

Now the part you have all been waiting for…


By a unanimous vote: the winners were Bryan & Teddy! Congratulations to our favorite bartenders and the best local team in town!

Thank you to Haven South Beach for hosting and Remy Martin V for your sponsorship for this  great event!

To the locals who came out! You were all such a great crowd!! Thank you for making it out to cheer on these guys!

We hope to see you all next year for the next battle!

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