The Nutty Secret to Cocktails

September 13th, 2014

Happy National Peanut day!

Get ready for some exciting news for peanut and cocktail lovers… Our bartenders Teddy & Bryan have found the secret to creating the perfect fall cocktail and since we are feeling nutty today we are going to share it with you!

It’s Peanut syrup. Yup, that’s all it takes to create a rich, autumn classic!

For any cocktail enthusiast, peanut syrup is known as an orgeat- which comes from the description: made with barley.  It is most popularly recognized as an almond syrup with a touch of flower water.

Our very own bartenders use their version of peanut syrups when making some of the new fall cocktails.  Anything from cognac or whiskey would be the perfect duo!

RadioBar_Fall2014-74Teddy created a fall cocktail with a twist: an Espresso Martini.  He used a toffee peanut reduction inspired by methods used to create the Mai Tai.  The Mai Tai, which is made using a rich, orgeat syrup is traditionally flavored with roasted almonds.  He made this cocktail with coffee extract and aged rum.  The nutty flavor is back to stay in our bar & all over the country!

Fun Fact: You can actually make the peanut syrup from an array of different nuts.

Although there may be many to choose from, the recipe itself is simple and works with any nut from cashews to walnuts.

You may ask what would pair well with a nutty concoction? Well the syrup matches excellent with any brown spirits (especially fitting for cold nights -well somewhat cold here in Miami)

From almonds to peanuts , nut orgeat syrups create a variety of cocktails all around the country.
Along with our Fall cocktails, peanut syrup works well with our Tiki Tuesday cocktails! The syrup ties together the brown spirits and juices of a tropical inspired drink.

If you are still skeptical about peanut syrup in your cocktail… come in on September 21st and try the Espresso Martini among many others when the fall cocktail menu arrives!

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